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ErhvervsCentret in Greve is a great place to run your business.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to inspect our modern and atmospheric premises.

Are you considering, or already in the process of starting your business? You've come to the right place.

Greve-Solrød Erhvervsservice offers guidance and professional business advise free of charge to people living in Greve Kommune or Solrød Kommune. 

We offer guidance and advise relating to startups and business development including topics such as business models, VAT and tax, budgets, business plans, sales and marketing.

If your questions or challenges require specialised knowledge, Greve-Solrød Erhvervsservice may refer you to local experts or to Erhvervshus Sjælland who may also assist you.

Courses and events

Greve-Solrød Erhvervsservice host ongoing events and classes for entrepreneurs and companies alike. These include but are not limited to start-up intros to all new entrepreneurs every quarter.

Check out our upcoming events and courses here or sign up for our newsletter to receive information on upcoming events and other news from the local business community in Greve.

We also facilitate a Facebook group available to local entrepreneurs, Greve-Solrød Entrepreneurs that you're welcome to sign up for. Also, ErhvervsCentret Greve has its own Facebook page, which you are welcome to like and follow to stay informed.

The bar is set – and it's high

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you will want to join our community for entrepreneurs called “Vækstfabrikken” which is located in ErhvervsCentret Greve.

The community for entrepreneurs is located on the top floor of ErhvervsCentret Greve and offers both offices and open office plan work spaces. Book a tour with Kitt Ambæk Henriksen here kah@greve.dk

As part of “Vækstfabrikken” you will have access to a strong network of motivated and ambitious entrepreneurs, as well as being able to participate in a wide range of free workshops organised jointly for the 14 communities on Zealand.

The going and very reasonable price is DKK 1.300 for part time access and DKK 2.600 for full time access to the premises.

ErhvervsCentret Greve also leases offices, meeting and conference rooms, and offers flexible office solutions, for example, if you want to have your business address in ErhvervsCentret.