Greve Municipality is one of Denmark’s most business-friendly municipalities

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Greve is an attractive, business-friendly municipality that is highly successful in attracting and retaining Danish and foreign companies. A common characteristic of the companies in Greve Municipality is that they thrive, grow and create new jobs. This has been shown in several surveys, including the Confederation of Danish Industries’ annual survey of business-friendliness in the country’s municipalities and VækstVilkår Greve.

The companies’ growth and their excellent assessment of Greve’s business friendliness are wonderful news to Pernille Beckmann, Mayor of Greve. Since becoming Mayor in 2014, together with the City Council, municipal officials and ErhvervsCentret, which serves as a link between the municipality and the local business community, she has focused on making Greve one of the best places to run a business. With an action-oriented growth policy, Greve Municipality has further boosted ambitions for an even stronger service culture in the municipality, benefitting the growth and development of the local business community. Good dialogue, close cooperation and a solution-oriented approach to the companies’ needs are in focus.

“A well-functioning business community is important to all of us in Greve. Companies generate growth and jobs and help the municipality create quality in its service to residents. That is why we do our utmost to meet with companies, see things from their perspective and go the extra mile to find solutions”, says Pernille Beckmann.

Meeting companies on their own terms
Each week, Greve’s mayor makes company visits to listen to the companies’ challenges together with the municipal Chief Executive, the Industrial Development Director and the Chairman of the Growth and Employment Committee. The aim of the visits is to meet the companies with humility and respect for the work that they do, with the genuine desire to understand how the municipality best can help them to create the best framework for growth. In addition to the company meetings and daily personal dialogue, Greve Municipality receives regular feedback from the companies at annual round table meetings with representatives from the business community.

Will go the extra mile for Greve’s business community
As General Manager of ErhvervsCentret, Greve’s Industrial and Tourism Promotion Director, Tina Charlotte Koeffoed, is responsible for making sure that the local companies find that they have fast and easy access to information and help from Greve Municipality through ErhvervsCentret.

“Our aim is to meet companies on their own terms. We are here for the companies’ sake and that is why we must maintain an active dialogue and close cooperation with them. We are always accessible and do everything we can to answer the companies’ questions and solve their problems, or direct them to the appropriate person in the municipality”, Koeffoed explains.